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The "Featured" Folder is closed to submissions.

How to Join
If you would like to be a member of the club, click the "join our Group" link at the top of the page. You do not have to be a resident of Ohio to join, Ohio lovers are welcome, too!

How to Submit to the Gallery
You must be a Member to submit to the Gallery. Click the "Submit Art" at the top of the page or the "Submit to the Gallery" on our Gallery page. On the pop-up picker, choose the thumb you'd like to submit and click Ok. Your submission will be approved as long as it meets the following requirements:

:bulletblue: Ten submissions per member per day.
:bulletblue: Please submit to the correct folder!
:bulletblue: The deviation must not have the mature content tag, contain nudity, or excessive violence/gore. Mild violence and innuendo will be approved on a case by case basis.
:bulletblue: The deviation must not contain copyrighted art or photographs. Anything made with screenshots, celebrity photos, coloring book pages, or any other type of art theft will not only be rejected, but will be reported to dA.

:bulletblue: Featured Favorites must be Ohio related. Member share is open to members only and can be any type of art.
:bulletblue: The deviation must not have the mature content tag, contain nudity, or excessive violence/gore. Mild violence and innuendo will be approved on a case by case basis.
:bulletblue: The deviation must not contain copyrighted art or photographs. Anything made with screenshots, celebrity photos, coloring book pages, or any other type of art theft will not only be rejected, but will be reported to dA.

:bulletpurple: Suggestions do not need to be your own art, but please refrain from suggesting others' art that is already popular on dA.
:bulletpurple: You may make as many suggestions to favorites as you like; please be courteous to the admins, however, and refrain from sending in many dozens of suggestions at once.
:bulletpurple: Please note that member suggestions will be approved more quickly than watcher suggestions.

How to Advertise a devMeet
Send the Group a note with the place, date, and time to meet. The Group will send out a notice on our devMeet page and update the Meet journal. We recommend you also post to the devMeet forum here:… . Meets should take place in Ohio or within a 30 minute drive of any border. Meets further away will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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Group Info

OhioDeviants is the place for deviants from the state of Ohio or deviants who just love Ohio to meet and share art. If you were born or ever lived in the Buckeye State or just love to visit, then come join our Group!
Founded 12 Years ago
Apr 11, 2004

North America

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456 Members
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Mon Jan 11, 2016, 2:59 AM

Happy New Year by KmyGraphic  3D 2016 by LaceremHappy!! by LOVEMAYU

Kitten Divider by Revenciel

:icondevnews: DevNews 

Kitten Divider by Revenciel

Since DevNews missed the December issue, both December and January Deviousness will be Celebrated!


:iconmiguel-santos: Miguel-Santos 

Celebrating Deviousness - January 2016

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
Introducing Miguel-Santos
In my mind, I became a photographer when I was a child. I marveled at our family slideshows, projected onto a white sheet on the wall, in our darkened living room. Those beautiful slices of time, floating in beams of dusty light, cheered by the small crowd at every snap, made me realize how much I wanted to take pictures.
I grew up in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal, and I travelled the world through the photographs of great masters. I studied every detail, wondered about their adventures, and dreamed of my own. Now I live in Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil, where I fell in love with nature and its culture too, of course, and I found myself b

Art from the Gallery of Miguel-Santos 

Stormy Gardens by Miguel-Santos  Floripa at Night by Miguel-Santos  City Triangle by Miguel-Santos


:icongriffsnuff: griffsnuff 

Celebrating Deviousness - December 2015

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
Introducing griffsnuff
My name is Tina, and I am a bubbly happy artist from Norway who enjoy sharing and learning more about art. I have been drawing my whole life and it is probably thanks to my mom that I kept on drawing. She has always been my biggest supporter and encouraged me to keep drawing.
I joined DeviantArt in 2005, and that is also were I have met my best friends, learned most about myself and my art. Meeting new people from so many different parts of the world and with so many ideas, is really inspiring to me and has made me work and try a lot of different things through my years, I also worked as a concept artist on Among the sleep and that taught me a lot about

Art from the Gallery of griffsnuff 

Gold rush by griffsnuff  Snowface by griffsnuff  Butterfly Festival fox - CLOSED by griffsnuff

Congrats by Ilenush

Moons and Stars Lights Divider by KorueSenpai


R.I.P David BowieI don't really have any words right now, I just can't believe it.   Completed 2015 Secret Santa Gifts - All are In!This journal will showcase all of the completed 2015 Secret Santa gifts!
:la: All of them are in!  :la:
This concludes DisneyDreamer's 2015 Secret Santa!
:iconwishexpedition23: WishExpedition23 was :santa: for :iconLaSirenOfEire: LaSirenOfEire

:iconmarphilhearts:  marphilhearts was :santa: for :iconcherishtree:  CherishTree

:iconunicorn-skydancer08:  unicorn-skydancer08 was :santa: for :iconPrincessZelda1017:  PrincessZelda1017

:iconkage-kunoichi: kage-kunoichi was :santa: for :iconfranthepan: FranThePan

:iconfranthepan: FranThePan was :santa: for :iconmoonstone27: Moonstone27

:iconcinderella-hime: Cinderella-hime was :santa: for :iconbobcatangel: BobcatAngel

:iconbobcatangel: BobcatAngel was :santa: for :iconretro7: Retro7

:iconweasel-girl: weasel-girl was :santa
   PLP New Year Contest-16,000pts of prizes! [Update]Hello friends!
Thank you for your patience, as this contest is so long over due. :faint: 
Anyways, due to the completetion of my project's point goals (15,000 points), this contest can finally be launched! 
Prizes- 36 Winners
Contribute Prizes <
Unfortunately, the recent price hike has made it so I cannot give as many premiums. However, commissioned artwork was the second most requested prize, and many artists take point commissions.
As a thank you for your patience, 1,000 points have been added to the prize pool that were not part of the original points goal. This allows for an extra 2 premiums. 
1st Place:
1,200 :points: or a 3 month premium membership.  WolvesHaveN
   FAN ART FRIDAY: Vikings

You guessed it... Athelstan by JazzySatinDollAthelstan is my drug by JazzySatinDoll
Rollo from Vikings by WavingMonsterStudiosThe Other Brother by LindaMarieAnson
Lagertha by MelieMelusineLagertha by LuLebel
Ragnar Lothbrok Portrait by jere0020
Vikings Ragnar and Rollo by thecasperartRagnar and Rollo - Vikings by MikeBeehan
Princess Aslaug, Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha by thecasperartVikings Series, Lagertha and Aslaug by thecasperart
Vikings Wallpaper by iamsointense
Ragnar and Lagertha by RussianValRagnar and Lagertha Lothbrok by Gabri-L

Maybe you know the historical drama tv series "Vikings"
inspired by the Sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok
or saw the comedy film "Erik the Viking" written and directed by Terry Jones,
or you have read already the "Edda" and you are fascinated by norse mythology.

The legends and tales are a common heritage of German,
Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon peoples.
The Norse creation myth tells how everything came into existence

in the gap between fire and ice, and how the gods shaped the homeworld of humans.

If you`re not familiar with the theme,
please read the introduction first


What we are looking for:

let your imagination
   Donations for Super GroupHello everyone,
You may have noticed that the front page of Love New Artists has been looking different lately. This is because our group has been degraded from Super Group to a normal one. This means that we can’t do all those fun things for you anymore, like having a great background, changing our lay-out, rename social classes like ‘members’, ‘contributors’, etc, and make unique blogs, amongst other things.
We have looked into getting our group back to Super Group status, but it is too expensive for us as a Group to do so. So, once again we’re asking you for help in the form of donations. The costs of a Super Group membership is 4,796 points for one year.
We, the Staff, of LNA, would be extremely grateful if you are in the position to donate. Whether it’s one point or 100, we would be very happy with anything you’re willing to give us. If you want to help us, you can send your donation right here on this page. If you do, you can count
   Holiday FunTuesday Treats | Thursday Greets | WishingWell Weekly
Welcome to Weekend Fun!

Affiliates News
If you want to affiliate with us, please write in your request the reason why you want to be affiliated with dAWishingWell. We will then affiliate to you. In exchange, your group will appear in the next Thursday Greets and your DeviantArt community related journals will be featured in Weekend Fun.
Contests and challenges2015 Contest: Zodiac (14 participants)
Challenge #16- The Moon
Deviant365 2015 Week 52
Join in on poking fun! :D
PLP New Year Contest-
   AnnaKirsten...No, I disagree!
Just wanted to take a moment to express my sadness about my dA friend AnnaKirsten who passed away Tuesday, January 5, 2016. She was a beautiful soul and I enjoyed the interaction we had over the years here. Please keep her family in your prayers as they mourn the loss. I have placed a few of her art pieces here. She was a VERY talented fractal artist along with photographer.
I particularly love this photo she took--how wonderful that she is actually in the presence of the TRUE LAMB---our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.

52 Week Photography Challenge #2Welcome to CRPhotography's 52 week photography challenge for 2016! Every Saturday we will be announcing a new idea for you to photograph, and submit to us via comment on each announcement journal. This project aims to challenge you with new concepts and requirements that you may not normally face. This week's challenge is:
Shadows. Make a shot playing only with shadows and light(s).
Be creative! Don't be afraid of contrasts. Deliver a "photographic sculpture".
You are free to interpret this prompt as needed.All photos must be new, and specifically taken for this challenge.Leave a comment in this journal with a link to your photograph.The deadline is Friday, January 15, 2016 at 11:59 PM PST.One winner will be selected, and will receive 100 Points within the first two weeks of the following month.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment here or send us a note.
   In Loving Memory of NamedaNatasha was a long time deviant who touched many hearts in her short time on this Earth. She was kind, dedicated and passionate about helping others see their true potential. She is a true angel that will truly be missed and this feature is dedicated to her memory from those who loved her...
Love  :iconnameda: Love 

Love Love Love 
"Natasha was one of my first friends here on DeviantArt, I'll never forget how much heart she put in this website!!! She dedicated her online life to help people in many ways, through advice about art, to finding stock pieces that would benefit others!!! She even provided stock images herself, which made her earn her first Daily Deviation!!! She gave life to one of the
   Challenge Winners
:iconcastle-of-cards: :iconcastle-of-manips:

The Winners of the Two Challenges held by the "Castle" Groups.
First Up: The Winter Wonders Challenge from Castle-of-Cards
"My Wish" by annemaria48

"Magical Misty Morning" by amethystmoonsong 

"Reine des glaces et dragon" by cflonflon 

The Second Feature is for the "Victorian Holiday" Challenge held by Castle-of-Manips 
"Concours Victoria Holidays" by roserika 

"Victorian Steampunk Christmas" by magicsart 

"The Unexpected Snowfall" by ju
   Hidden Talent Feature   
I hope your 2016 was lovely!
Please consider checking out the PLP contest that went live today!
Here are some Undiscovered art pieces.

bows with proper aim by gliitchlord
Rosenrot by blumilein
UF2015-245 ... Whirling Dervish by Xantipa2
colorful by Hizaki-psych
Avatar Aang by colinlawler
The Boy Who Lived by colinlawler
Sunset Flowers - No edit by maryjuana90
Tiny Drops II by DevchonkaLucky
l a s t f a r e w e l l by ra-gro
Butterfly in the Morning by existentialdefiance
Lullaby by MBHenriksen
no return by arfist
infrared summer 006 by arfist
CtrlPaint Basic Rendering 3 - Still Life study by LucasConegundes
Blessed Thunder by kingkostas
Last Exile by Xiling
Taraval Street by Hengki24
Commissions Info by Katzyrine
TOKYO ZOMBIE LAND by Shippa-chan
Paris Workshop by EmilySoto
Space Background 2 V2 1920 by rich35211
Paradise Disowned by MoodyBlue
Photoshop COLOR tutorial by SoyUnGnomo
W-out 0455 ' My Little Stonie ' by W-out
Maybe Magmar by MrRedButcher
Max Rebo Band by mooncalfe

2015 NaNoEmo Round UpThe NaNoEmo event for 2015 has now come to a close, and once again we received a great range of entries from a variety of emoticonists. To celebrate the even, we have picked a couple of emotes to feature from each member who took part.

     The Spirit (Title ver.) by KitLightning
:angry: by Krissi001     Movember by Krissi001
   Seniormentors Interrogations: JenFruzzseniormentors is delighted to bring to you a monthly interview series that is all about our Mentors! Welcome to the sixth in the series, which will introduce our Mentors to the community so all can get to know them better.
This month we are pleased to interview the director of the seniormentors group, community, chat rock star, and photographer JenFruzz! Jen is a current Photography Community Volunteer (Animals, Plants, and Nature CV) , and is one of our photography mentors. 
Read JenFruzz's Mentor Profile here!
Bullet; Blue Why did you join DeviantArt and what made you continue staying on DA?
:iconjenfruzz: I joined DeviantArt in 2004... Basically because my best friend said "hey, I found this place where we can upload our photographs and people will give us advice." I was sold :D (Big Grin)
   Nom Nom #90 It's Christmas!!!!!
Merry CHRISTMAS! In honour of the festive day, this month's Nom Nom theme is focusing on tasty seasonal noms of the very best kind! Whether you celebrate the season or not, these tasty treats are bound to have you licking your lips and breaking out the baking utensils!

christmas breakfast by topinkaChristmas cakes. by 6Artificial6
Christmas candy by lieveheersbeestje
Sweet Christmas by mnooChristmas Cookies 2012 by WishmasterAlchemistMerry Christmas Reindeers by magnesina
Chocolate Ginger Christmas Cupcakes by claremanson
Christmas Mood by MirageGourmand
   Features From Worth-DDs Group #25

First Snow by JonathanDufresnewhite by M0THart
SAGITTARIUS from the Dancing Zodiac by AquaSixioI let you go in peace. by ElenaHelfrechtInto Fragments by Anastasia-Aleks
Lov Lov Lov by PhotoYoungwild 3 by M0THartSteampunk East 01 by Nivelis
Worick Arcangelo by tincek-marincekHeroes of the Wild by RalphHorsleyOwl by kovacsannabrigittaIn the Forest by Jon-Lock
Princess Mononoke [+Speedpaint] by yuuikeFanart Marta Nael by Dibujante-nocturnowitch by LiannanSheThe Guardian of the Golden Grove by Aliciane
Forest creature by anotherwandererFlux by JeremyYoungGolden Tiger by meowmeowmelody24/7=Heaven: Bedroom Study by renkarts
From Pink To Black II by CrowsReignBailey by M0THartPrince Arthas VS Mal'ganis by zippo514winter by INstockee


Pimps and Whoas - Dec. 22, 2015
News from the Team
:bulletpurple: A More Global Navigation
:bulletpurple: Beta Launch: Notes Search
:bulletpurple: Capturing Change
:bulletpurple: Holiday Headquarters 2015!
:bulletpurple: Push Notifications for Notes on Mobile
:bulletpurple: Thank you Kaz-d
:bulletpurple: Thank You Kovowolf
   Pimps and Whoas - January 8, 2016
News from the Team
:bulletpurple: Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
:bulletpurple: Notes Search Now Available
:bulletpurple: Status Update Notifications
:bulletpurple: Celebrating Deviousness - January 2016
:bulletpurple: Halo 5: Guardians Fan Art Contest Winners
Official Contests
All "official" contests will begin at midnight PST on the start date and end at 11:59 PST on the end date. This applies to all Commu
   Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!'Twas the night before Christmas
When all through the site
Not an artist was arting,
Which didn't seem right.
The young deviant's Watch
Was curated with care
In hopes that inspiration
Would soon be found there.
But what to that wondering screen did appear?
No updates for hours.
No holiday cheer!
When before settling down for a long winter's nap
That deviant opened up the DeviantArt Mobile App.
Notifications popped up, and what did they see,
But art gifts galore under a virtual tree!
Then a poem about friendship, written right from the heart,
"Dr. Who Down in Whoville," a mashup fan art.
A speed paint, a watercolor, a "Lord of the Rings" map,
An invitation to Sketch This, in the Autodesk SketchBook app!
That deviant's friends had been waiting by their keyboards with care
For the signal to send all their art gifts out there.
But none
   Notes Search Now Available
One of the most highly requested features is now here: the ability to search notes! Notes search allows you to do things like:
Find all notes you’ve sent to a specific deviantFind all notes from a deviant that contain a keywordSearch for a keyword within a custom folderFind all unread notes that contain a keywordSearch your drafts
To search your notes, simply enter a keyword in the search box. You can also use the advanced search dropdown to filter your search results.

Advanced Operators
Advanced operators can help you narrow your search:
subject:keyword — Find notes with a keyword in the subject. Example: subject:commission.
body:keyword — Find notes with a keyword in the body. Example: body:painting.
" " (quotes) — Search for an exact phrase. 

Status Update Notifications
Starting today, status updates posted by deviants you watch now appear in your notifications. This has been a popular request from deviants who actively post status updates. With status updates in notifications, it will ensure that more of your watchers see your posts.
Like other notifications, status updates can be viewed in list view (text only) or grid view (full thumbnails). Status update notifications can also be stacked, which groups notifications by deviant together.
Make Your Status Update Stand Out
Adding a deviation to your status updates is a quick way of making it stand out to your watchers. Simply add a deviation by pasting a link to a deviation in your Status Update, or use the "Add Media" button. 

An Easy Way To Communicate With Your Watchers
Status upd
   Halo 5: Guardians Fan Art Contest WinnersCheck out the brilliant winners from the halo 5 Fan Art Contest on deviantart!
Contest Page View Entries Official Rules
13+, Australia Only

Winners Semi-Finalists
Whose side are you on?
Locke’s hunt for the Master Chief came to life in brilliant artwork submitted to the Halo 5 Fan Art Contest! Australian artists were called to create original portraits of the two Spartans, and they answered with stunning illustrations of the two heroes—com
   Anthro Challenge #127- MonochromeHAPPY NEW YEAR!
Welcome to the 127th installment of Anthro Challenge!
We're going to try something a little different this year by posting these journals at both of our main Anthro groups here on dA.
anthrochallenge will still be our main hub for the challenges but you will also find the journals posted over at AnthroCommunity in order to spread the word about our monthly challenge!
AnthroCommunity | anthrochallenge
Contest Deadline:January 31st
Time Deadline: 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time |
AC Theme: Monochrome
This month's theme is Monochrome. Monochrome describes paintings, drawings, design, or photographs in one color or values of one color. A monochromatic object or image reflects colors in shades of limited colors or hues.
An example of what we are looking for
Hey everyone, I just wanted to throw something out there...As many of you know, I work for DA and I run the Sketch this Challenges. I'm right now on the hunt for new artists to work with who are interested in having their art featured in a Sketch This Challenge.

If you don't know what Sketch This is, here's a link to info about it and also please check out my profile for more 

Basically I am looking for art to use as examples of the Sketch This challenges.

December 2015 DD Round UpSole Survivor by Lei-RenWinter Wonderland by Lanahx3SMITE: Isis by ThumbzDowncats by AnekaShuRainy Jungle by StavaEYBB-8 Christmas by StarSoulArtRevolving feet leap by ZenakiNomi Munekatsu by hotpppinkthe light before we land by sandaraIsometric Pixel Environment by KucingBudhugSnowfall by son-travaXwing Eshiu 2K by emanshiu
Past DD Round Ups for 2015
Fan Art DD Round Up September 2015 by Lyricanna Pixel Art DD Round Up (June July August Sept 2015) by LyricannaOctober 2015 DDs Featured by LyricannaNovember DD Round Up by Lyricanna
   Daily Deviation Highlights 2015Welcome to the year end version of the Daily Deviations Highlights project :la: Normally, this is a project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks. This time, we are looking back at some of our favourite DDs of 2015. We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!
Here are the highlights from the Daily Deviations that I gave this year :la:
Free!: Iwatobi Library by LuluSeason Light by 0x4fffwhite Inca's Apartment by Tsabo6 Marvel Villains by PatrickBrown :thumb433421713
   Holiday Traditions: Winners Announcement!The time has come to announce the winners of :#ThumbHub: chat's first official contest: Holiday Traditions!
The ThumbHub team was thrilled at how many users got involved and entered their artwork into the contest. You all made the decision extremely difficult for us (which is a good thing of course). But in the end we had to come up with three winners and we hope you're as excited about the choices as we are!
So let's get to it!
(just kidding, Steve Harvey didn't enter)
A huge congratulations to our first place winner,
Cat-Mist with their deviation "The Gift"

Cat-Mist has won:
12-month Core Membership (or points equivalent) from communityrelations
500 Points from JenFruzz
500 Points from OfOneSoul
Two weeks of TheHubVIP status in :#ThumbHub: chat!
Coming in at second place is wyrmfed with "Death com
   APN Adventures, Vol. 40
Happy New Year!
APN is the acronym for the Animal, Plants, & Nature photography category at DeviantArt. These recent APN deviations span vast skies to tiny insects. Our planet is truly a magical place!
Hopefully the following feature will inspire you to browse the APN Category or to even pick up your own camera and capture some of the world around you. Be sure to check the end of the feature for APN Community news. On to the feature!


"To the mouse, snow means freedom from want and fear. ... To a rough-legged hawk, a thaw means freedom from want and fear." - Aldo Leopold


APN Daily Deviations Round-Up: December 2015Hello all,
I'm happy to present the Animals, Plants, & Nature Photography Roundup for December 2015, which includes all of the deviations that I featured throughout the month. Please take this opportunity to have another look at the work of these talented artists and give them some love!
As always, your suggestions are welcome! Send me as many as you'd like. Details on sending DD suggestions are at the bottom of this feature.
:iconJenFruzz: Features by JenFruzz

Curiosity by carinamaiwald
Luminous Sunrise by cwaddell
Darkest of kin by Northstar76
136 by Les-Piccolo
History come alive by LordLJCornellPhotos
Leap of Fate by MorkelErasmus
Fjadrargljufur by PatiMakowska
Ravenworld by phalalcrocorax
Spreadwing damselfly by ColinHuttonPhoto
Nom Nom by ABilro
La Push by NYLB43
better together by Thunderi
Koi by vamosver
Red Fox in Autumn Mood by thrumyeye
Bumblebee by MaaykeKlaver
   APN Adventures, The Round-Up
Hello everyone!
I would apologize for the frequent journal submissions... But we're doing 10 days of art features to end 2015, so who can complain about that?! Thank you to all of my friends and supporters on DA who have made 2015 a hugely fun year for me. From featuring art, hosting chat events, becoming the APN CV, and getting to know new people nearly every day... It's been quite an adventure! Here's to hoping the next 12 months are just as fulfilling.
As we speed toward 2016, I wanted to share the entire year of APN Adventure features with you in this journal. Feel free to go through and explore the many weeks of superb, talented nature photography that was submitted to DA!
   Thank You Kovowolf
What can I say about Amber that you don't already know? KovoWolf has been a part of the Community Volunteer team for over 4 years and during her time infected everyone with her positive attitude and love for the DA community.  While she spent most of her time representing the Anthro community, you would have also seen her active in the forums, leading countless projects and hosting an array of community contests.  She's also solely responsible for making my meeting logs look pretty :D
While we're going to miss her boundless energy on the team, I know she's not going to be far but please take a moment to say 'Thank You' to this dynamic deviant!
We love you :heart:

   Find me again as Angelo tldr; I'm spyed but I'm angelo now. 
Not as big a transition as Caitlyn Jenner, but boy do we both feel better about life. 
I've grown past the stage where I need a pseudonym; I really want to be myself. I'm sure you understand.
I created my online name and persona a long time ago. So long ago, that I no longer identify with it completely. I was Spyed for five years before DeviantArt came to exist, 15 years ago, so you can only imagine how much I've changed in 19 years.
I have been building communities for that long. Imagine that.
Video game boards, ANSI/ASCII boards, WAREZ boards, programming boards, MP3 boards and ultimately the ultimate Art board. Being Spyed was awesome. I will still be spyed here, I'll update with official things from time to time. But if you want to see my more regular activity you'll find it on angelo
It just feels right to do this. I've finally had a chance to really admit that to myself and it feels great. 
I've been facing thi

What's going on with DeviantArt?There's a lot of changes going on with DeviantArt, and we recognize that this is irritating. We don't want it to be irritating, but unfortunately we don't have a choice.
DeviantArt must transform. The live product is failing to interest as many new members as it used to. We've identified many of the reasons for this, and we're making transformative changes to help new users adopt DeviantArt. We especially want new users to come in and Watch Deviants, and begin conversing about Art. Ultimately we want new Deviants to post Deviations and contribute to the community. DeviantArt is meant as the place to support people in the world as they become more creative in their lives. As a community, we represent the journey of being a more creative person. 
The current state of DeviantArt isn't adequately communicating our value to new members. And the products they are using confuse them. We've interviewed new members on the phone, in surveys, via email. We know what the issues are.
To fix th
   Why move Watch out of Notifications?In my last journal, What's going on with DeviantArt, there was a lot of great conversation back and forth and over 400 comments. I read every single one, and my responses started to become repetitive so I stopped.
One of my favorite questions was, "Why do you even want to move Watch out of Notifications? I don't understand why this is so important." So I wanted to address that head on:
Answer: Moar Power. Easier to Use.
The real project here is that we're switching to a Watch that is powered by the same/similar systems Browse is powered by, making it possible to see your Watch as Newest, Undiscovered, Popular, filter by Category, search by keyword, filter by Shop items, Commission items, etc. MUCH MOAR POWERFUL. 
Here's the disconnect:
1. The experience of Browse needs improvement, too.
Browse needs functionality that reinforces why we're all here; To engage w


Stock and Resources Week Wrap UpStock& Resources
I hope you enjoyed the 2016 Stock and Resources Week! I would like to thank everyone you particpated and everyone who read our journals :D! Now you know a little more about stock and what it's all about. I'd like to give a shout out to the article writers and interveiwees for being awesome people and helping me make this week happen:
CelticStrm-Stock, ErikShoemaker, DamselStock, kirilee, Mocris, pyjama-cake QueenWerandra, RachgracehStock, SenshiStock, YBsilon-Stock, WakefieldDesigns 
:love: :love: :love:
Here's a quick recap of all the journals that were posted this week!
Stock and Resources PE: Requests vs Commissions 
A brief guide to Pose Reference Stock
Stock and Resources PE W
   Exploration ContestStock & Resources
The Challenge
Exploration can mean a lot of different things! We want to see your idea of what exploration is, is it more adventurous like exploring ancient ruins or a jungle? Is it experimenting with new art mediums or trying a new food? Your challenge is to create a piece with the theme of exploration. This contest is open to both stock and art entries.
The Categories
Stock: create a stock image relevant to the theme. If you're not sure if it fits, comment and we'll let you know! Be sure you follow the deviantART guidelines for stock images: :faq809:
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   PE: Chats and Forums Week Wrap-UpChats & Forums Week
Thank you to everyone who came out to attend our chat and forums events this week! We hope you all had fun. Happy holidays :santa:

Chats & Forums Week

AM: Intro blog + Bingo Contest Announcement by Mrs-Durden
PM: Chat Event Announcement: Muro Draw Challenge by OfOneSoul
Forum Event: Challenge Fun in the Deviants Forum by hosagu
AM: Chat Event Announcement:
   PE: Community Week Wrap UpCommunity Week
Community Week
23th Monday
AM: Intro by cinyu
PM: Muro Thanksgiving contest hosted by AlexanderPaupoff
24th Tuesday
AM: Watercolor Guide For Beginners - Part 2 by Tudalia
PM: How to Make an Easy Perspective Grid on Photoshop by iingo
25th Wednesday
AM: Meet the Fractal community by C-91
PM: Happy Medium: Watercolors/Ink by OfOneSoul
26th Thursday
AM: Delicious Thanksgiving Feature! by RosleinRot
PM: Chat Event Announcement by C-91
27th Friday
AM: Customised Painting

NEWS 'til Hell freezes over
Estd: Sep 5th, 2010

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